Our Mission

Come and Worship with us! A celebratory gathering in communion with God and responding to His grace through Scripture readings, prayer, a spoken message in English, and uplifting contemporary and traditional music.


Bringing the Good News of The Gospel to all and the saving grace of God to the experience of everyone.


Celebrates important milestones in the life of families, community and the church. Establishes linkages between the church and other congregations and communities. It addresses common major issues that impacts God's creation, His will for peaceful unity among all people and the conservation of the earth. Faith Community Presbyterian Church advocates for life, peace and protection of the environment.


Letting the light of God Shine by sharing His love, and witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ through organized local, national, and global outreach programs.

The six General Assembly agencies that make up the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Ideal for all congregations to watch, this video highlights the work of:

Board of Pensions (http://www.pensions.org/Pages/default...) Office of the General Assembly (http://oga.pcusa.org) Presbyterian Foundation (http://www.presbyterianfoundation.org) Presbyterian Investment & Loan Program (http://pilp.pcusa.org) Presbyterian Mission Agency (http://www.presbyterianmission.org) Presbyterian Publishing Corporation (http://www.ppcbooks.com)