COVID19 Information

Welcome to Faith Community Presbyterian Church


● Read and sign the Health Check Acknowledgment Form. Copies will also be available at the foyer.

● Check your temperature: Must be below 100.4º F/38 °C

● If you’re not feeling well or had COVID-19 symptoms during the past 14 days, please stay home and join our worship online by zoom.

● COVID-19 symptoms include fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing diminished sense of taste and/or smell, chills, muscle pain, sore throat (which symptoms are not otherwise explained as a pre-existing or other condition)

To request Health Check Acknowledgment Form and/or ZOOM Worship Meeting ID and Password please email or contact any of our pastors or leaders.

Wait outside the Main (East) entrance until ushered in :

Temperature check will be performed before entering the sanctuary. Other than the ushers, only 4 people are allowed to wait at the foyer to allow social distancing.

Keep 6 ft apart

Observe social distancing while waiting outside the building.

Wear or Keep your Face Covering ready

Everyone entering the church premises are required to wear a mask or adequate face covering. It is optional for children below 2 yrs old. If you don’t have one with you, ask the usher for a disposable mask before entering the foyer.


Wear a Mask

Everyone inside the church building is required to wear a mask or adequate face covering, except for children below 2 yrs old which is optional.

Please wait for your turn

Watch for floor markings for social distancing. Keep 6 ft apart, except for those in the same household.

Sanitize. Keep your hands clean always

Hand sanitizers are available in the foyer for your use.

Health Screening and Temperature Checks

● Confirm that you have signed the Health Acknowledgment Form. If not, please sign one.

● The usher will do a temperature check on you. If the temperature is over 100.4º F/38 °C, please go home and rest; or join our remote worship online via zoom.

Please Wait to be Ushered to your Seat.

Watch for Foot Traffic Patterns and Signs on the Floor.

Middle aisle is One Way coming in. Outside aisles are One Way going out the Sanctuary.

Seating Arrangements

Pews are marked for attendees to sit 6 ft. apart. There are pews available for members of the same household to occupy without maintaining 6 ft distance.

Keep Seated and Maintain Social Distancing At All Times.

Avoid hugging and other forms of physical contact.

Keep your Masks or Face Covering at all times during the Worship Service

There are No Hymnals and Printed Order of Worship or Bulletins. All materials will be projected.

Bring your Own Bible. There are no Pew Bibles available.

Offering Boxes are Available at the Exits as you leave the Sanctuary.

On Communion Sundays, prepackaged Communion elements will be placed in the Communion cup holders in the pews.

There will be no Choir. Singing During Worship will be Limited.

Please wait. Ushers will Assist you How and Where to Exit.

There will be No Sunday School until further notice.

Restrooms downstairs are open. The rest of the building will remain closed.

There will be no Coffee and Refreshments served.